First time students

First time practicing Bikram Yoga? Great!! First time students are welcome at EVERY CLASS.

Here are a few tips to help make your experience more enjoyable:


People of all shapes, sizes and abilities
A fun, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere

WHAT TO WEAR – Think Beach!


Nylon shorts, swim trunks
Please no practicing in underwear/boxers or sweat pants
Shirts are optional


Nylon shorts, tank top, sports bra, or swimsuit
Please no practicing in sweat pants


Plan in advance

Beginning yoga students generally have a better experience when they plan 24 hours in advance
This allows ample time for proper hydration and nutrition

Come to class well hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the 24 hours leading up to class (approx. 120 oz.)
Good hydration makes the heat more comfortable
It is also a mandatory safety precaution for first time students

Come to class on an empty stomach

Have large meals 3-4 hours before class
Lite snacks are okay 2 hours before class
Yoga feels best without too much food in your stomach

Arrive early for your first class

Get to the studio 20-30 minutes before class begins
This allows plenty of time for registration and orientation


You’ll need a yoga mat, large bath towel and bottle of water
If you forget we have for rent/purchase

Come to class with a positive, open attitude

A positive outlook does wonders for your yoga practice. As a newcomer you have the advantage of an unbiased eager perspectiveType your paragraph here.

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