Bikram Yoga uses a series of 26 postures to scientifically warm and stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons in the best sequence for your entire body. This workout encourages weight loss, prevents injuries, boosts the immune system, improves concentration and improves physical balance, strength, flexibility and stamina.

The 26 Posture Sequence

1.Standing Deep Breathing (Pranayama) – Stimulates circulation, good for respiratory ailments, warms up the body from the inside out.

2.Half Moon Pose w Hands to Feet Pose (Ardha-Chandrasana & Padahastasana) – Strengthens core muscles, increases flexibility in the spine, targets the liver and spleen.

3.Awkward Pose (Utkatasana) – Tones and shapes the legs, increases circulation, helps arthritis and slipped discs.

4.Eagle Pose (Garurasana) – Opens the 14 largest joints, supplies fresh blood to reproductive system.

5.Standing Head to Knee Pose (Dandayamana-Janushirasana) – Flexibility of the sciatic nerve, flushes the gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, uterus and ovaries.

6.Standing Bow Pulling Pose (Dandayamana-Dhanurasana) – Moves blood from one side of the body to the other. Builds patience, determination and concentration.

7. Balancing Stick Pose (Tulandasana) – Strengthens the heart muscle, good for posture, improves body control and balance and builds concentration.

8.Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose (Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana) – Helps sciatica, massages small and large intestine, builds flexibility in the pelvis, ankles, hips and lower 5 vertebrae of the spine.

9.Triangle Pose (Trikanasana)- Improves every bone, muscle, joint, tendon, and internal organ.

10. Standing Separate Head to Knee Pose (Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Janushirasana)- Trims the abdomen, waistline, hips, buttock and thighs. Targets thyroid gland, regulates metabolism and immune system.

11.Tree Pose (Tadasana)- Improves balance and oblique muscles, prevents hernia.

12.Toe Stand (Padangustasana)- Therapeutic for rheumatism of the knees, ankles and feet. Helps cure hemorrhoid problems.

13. Dead Body Pose (Savasana)- Facilitates blood flow, creating internal cleansing.

14.Wind Removing Pose (Pavanamuktasana)- Improves hip flexibility, firms abdomen and thighs and remedies flatulence.

15. Sit-up (Pada-Hasthasana)- Tones abdomen, invigorates the body and increases flexibility of the spine.

16. Cobra Pose (Bujangasana) – Strengthens the lumbar spine, alleviates slipped or herniated discs, aids liver and spleen function, relieves menstrual disorders.

17. Locust Pose (Salabhasana) – Helps slipped discs, sciatica, tennis elbow and varicose veins.

18. Full Locust Pose (Poorna-Salabasana)- Good for scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylosis and slipped discs.

19. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) – Revitalizes spinal nerves, aids digestions, fights constipation, bronchitis and diabetes, improves function of the intestines, liver, kidneys and spleen.

20. Fixed Firm Pose (Supta-Vajrasana) – Beneficial for the spleen, liver and immune system. Helps prevent hernias.

21. Half Tortoise Pose (Ardha-Kurmasana) – Enhances memory and mental clarity, helps with asthma and digestion.

22. Camel Pose (Ustrasana) – Helps degenerative spinal problems, stretches thyroid and parathyroid glands.

23. Rabbit Pose (Sasangasana) – Helps with colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis, insomnia, diabetes and depression.

24. Head to Knee & Stretching Pose (Janushirasana & Paschimotthanasana)- Excellent for immune and lymphatic systems. Good for the liver, spleen, pancreas, thyroid and intestines.

25. Spine-Twisting Pose (Ardha-Matsyendrasana) – Increases blood flow to all the spinal nerves, veins and tissues. Relieves lower back pain.

26. Blowing in Firm (Kapalbhati in Vajrasana) – Strengthens abdominal organs and stimulates digestive system.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

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